About us

I started with cactuses at an early age. I started buying my first cactuses at different exhibitions when I was around 10 years old. A small collection was growing. The first glasshouse was just behind my window (120x 40 cm). Today we have 6 greenhouses with an area of 300 m2.

All my kids had helped as they were small. However, the love for plants stuck only with Aneta, who is now my right hand. The team also consists of my wife Světlana and friends Helena and Milda.

95% of the cactuses that we offer are from our own production. I like everything living, but regarding time and space, I must contain myself. I am especially inclined to the genus of Pachypodium, Adenium, Adromischus, Euphorbia, Lithops, Ceropegia, Dorstenia. I am also interested in crystalline and monstrous forms.

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Year 1997 vs year 2020

Year 2007 vs year 2020

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